12 Key Inspections in a Move Out Checklist for Landlords

What happens when a tenant moves from the rental property? Once the property is vacated there  is typically an exit walk through of the property to evaluate the condition of the property and thus determine the effect that will have on the exiting renter’s security deposit. This moving out inspection can take place with the tenant present or in the tenant’s absence depending on the rental agreement. Either way the landlord performs this move out inspection process. The problem arises while the landlord is walking through that he or she overlooks this, or forgets that, or doesn’t even think about the other. That is where the landlord should create a previously printed document to assist them in this matter: the Move Out Checklist for Landlords. [Read more…]

8 Critical Items You Need on a Rental Application Form

For many landlords the process of finding a new tenant is the most problematic aspect of being a landlord. One facet of the process that can be especially unsettling is the rental application process. The rental application process is an area where many do it yourself landlords fall short. Failing in this area can cause a great deal of headaches for the landlord. Many of the failures in this process can be greatly diminished or eliminated altogether with the proper rental application form. [Read more…]

Month to Month Lease – The Good and The Bad

The typical lease term is one year to 3 years; however, there are times, for whatever reason, when a month to month lease is signed.  From the landlord’s perspective, the month to month lease has definite positives as well as negatives. The landlord’s circumstances can vary widely, which is why that there really is no definitive yes or no when it comes to whether or not the month to month lease is appropriate. Each situation must be looked at on a case by case basis to make the determination. Let’s look, from the landlord’s point of view, at the good and the bad, the pros and the cons to better equip the landlord to make a suitable decision. [Read more…]

How to Spot Red Flags in a Tenant Credit Report

With rising eviction rates in many cities the dream of being a landlord can quickly turn into a nightmare. One way to curtail the rising tide of costly and time consuming eviction processes is for the landlord to obtain a credit report for any potential tenant. The tenant credit report provides the landlord with invaluable resources to make the best decision possible in selecting tenants. Interpreting of the available information is critical in the process of leasing any property. [Read more…]

California Security Deposit Laws

Security deposits differ from state to state, however the security deposits laws in California tend to more particular than any other states in the country.   The following topics of security deposit law in California covers the questions: what the security deposit could be used for, what the deposit limitations are,  when you need to return a security deposit, and the typical deposit amounts. [Read more…]