How to choose a property management company

There are times when owning a rental property or properties can become too much for a landlord to handle. That is where a property management company can be helpful. There are several reasons a landlord would need to enlist the help of a property management company. One reason would be geographic relocation to a place a great distance from the property in question. Another would be if the landlord just had more properties than he could attend to, thereby, needing assistance. Yet another would be that if a property owner did not want to deal with the day to day running of investment properties. For example, finding tenants, collection of rent monies, evicting tenants, scheduling repairs, or maintenance. Finding the right property management company could be difficult. These tips should help find a management company that will care for the property just as well or better than the landlord would.

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Things You Should Know About Property Manager Fees

A good property manager from a reputable property management company can take off the stress from managing your rental properties, as he or she can easily take over your tasks and responsibilities. If you have been reading real estate tips for some time now, then you may have come across the importance and benefits of having a property manager in managing your rental properties.  And perhaps now may be the time to consider hiring one for one yourself.

Sure enough, hiring a good property manager can certainly be a blessing to a landlord.  However, the operative word here is “good.”  There are many property managers and companies out there who aren’t even half as good as they claim they are, and last thing you want to do is to spend your money and take on some additional stress only because you hired an inefficient and incompetent employee.  This is where the importance of evaluation comes to place.  With any business, there are many things your property manager may not be telling you that you would most likely encounter, for example, hidden charges, middle man fees, and false promises. [Read more…]