Entering Premises FAQ

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Q. Can a landlord enter a tenant’s rental unit?

A. Short answer is yes, but for specific reasons and under special conditions. Each state has unique rules, so make sure you check with your local landlord-tenant laws to know the exact conditions when you can enter your tenant’s rental unit.

Landlords or rental property managers may need to access the rental unit to fulfill their obligations. However, this access is conditional, and they have to follow certain rules as to when and why they need to enter the premises of the rental property.  Unless it is an emergency, landlords must give notification to the tenant ahead of time before entering the premises.

Q. For what reasons can a landlord enter a tenant’s rental unit?

A. Landlords or managers can enter the tenant’s rental unit under the following conditions:

  • To show the property to the prospective tenants and inspect the rental property unit before the tenant move-out.
  • To do maintenance work, make repairs, alterations or renovations
  • In case of emergency
  • If the tenant violated health and safety codes
  • If the tenant abandoned the property
  • Under court orders
  • To issue eviction or ejection notice (accompanied by a law enforcement officer)

Q. How many hours of notification does a landlord need to provide prior to entering the rental property?

A. In most cases, landlords must issue a notice of request to access the property at least 24 hours before entering the rental unit. For emergency reasons however (fire, gas leak, flooding, natural disaster), landlords can enter the property anytime.

Q. Can a tenant deny entry of the landlord after receiving a 24 hours notice?

During the tenancy, the rental property unit, including the land where the home sits on, belongs to the tenant, and you as a landlord, can not intrude on your tenant’s “quiet enjoyment” of your property. Depending on the situation, the tenant has the right to decline your request to enter the property.  Also, this may depend on what you have in your lease agreement and the terms of your local state law.
Q. What are reasonable hours for a landlord to enter a rental property?

A. The law doesn’t indicate specific times for the landlord to enter tenant’s rental property, but a good rule of thumb is during business hours – 8 AM to 6 PM. You can always negotiate with your tenant to specify a time that works well for the both of you.