12 Key Inspections in a Move Out Checklist for Landlords

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What happens when a tenant moves from the rental property? Once the property is vacated there  is typically an exit walk through of the property to evaluate the condition of the property and thus determine the effect that will have on the exiting renter’s security deposit. This moving out inspection can take place with the tenant present or in the tenant’s absence depending on the rental agreement. Either way the landlord performs this move out inspection process. The problem arises while the landlord is walking through that he or she overlooks this, or forgets that, or doesn’t even think about the other. That is where the landlord should create a previously printed document to assist them in this matter: the Move Out Checklist for Landlords. This checklist will allow the landlord to inspect the property in a detailed, thorough, and systematic manner. Here are some great suggestions for this move out checklist for landlords.

Moveout Checklist for Landlords

Move Out Checklist for Landlords:

  1. Is all the personal property belonging to the tenant removed? For instance, furniture, wall hangings, and tenant provided appliances.

  2. The exterior of the home should be clean and free of rubble. Also the exterior lawn and landscaping should be acceptable. Neither should there be garbage, trash, or unwanted personal belongings left at the rental property.

  3. All keys to the property must be turned in.

  4. The walls of the home should be painted and free of holes cause by wall hangings or damage.

  5. The floors in the home should be clean. Wood and tile should be swept and mopped and carpet should be vacuumed.

  6. The appliances that were provided by the landlord should be inspected and in good working order.

  7. Home fixtures should be intact and undamaged. For example, lighting fixtures ceiling fans. Receptacle and light switch covers should also be intact. Phone jacks and coaxial cable wires should be intact. Door knobs and window fixtures should also be inspected. Make sure they all work. This step is overwhelming. The checklist should be broken down room by room.

  8. All alarm systems and fire alarms should be inspected and in working order.

  9. Check all the light switches and receptacles for proper operation. These repairs are costly.

  10. Check all faucets (sinks and tubs) and drains for leaks. This is another costly repair in the event of issues.

  11. Check the heating and air units for proper operation and proper maintenance, For example, clean filters and proper thermostat operation.

  12. If pets were allowed in the home make sure that there is no evidence by sight or by smell that a pet was ever in the home. This is primarily aimed at the floors and doors. Carpets can be stained and wood floors and doors can be severely scratched up by pets.

There are two things to remember in this move out checklist for landlords and that is to be thorough and to write it down. There are too many items to look at and they are too easily overlooked for dependence on memory. If done properly the landlord can save money by inspecting the property with a moving out checklist.

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