Landlord 101

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If being a landlord is completely new to you, then you’ve come to the right place!  Even if you have a bit of experience under your belt, the following resources will help you manage your rentals and enable you to cultivate a better landlord-tenant relationship.


For ease of reading, the following sections have been broken into various topics.  Feel free to read through each section or skip around if you like.


  1. Deciding on a Fixed Term Lease or a Month to Month Lease
  2. Basics of a Rental Application Process
  3. 8 Critical Items You need on a Rental Application Form
  4. Residential Lease Agreement Form Download
  5. Move Out Checklist for Landlords

Tenant Screening

  1. Guide to Screening for New Tenants for Your Rental Property
  2. Spotting Red Flags in a Tenant Credit Report

Landlord Insurance

  1. Landlord Insurance Policy – What’s the Right Coverage?
  2. Why Landlords still need an Umbrella Insurance Policy


  1. Understanding the Eviction Process

Property Management

  1. Understanding Property Management Services